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Beverage Industry


Canongate Technology has been supplying process instrumentation to the brewing, distilling and general beverage industry for over 25 years


VesselCheck ST2 

Bright Beer Tank Level Measurement


CarboCheck In-line CO2 Analyser

Used by all the major breweries worldwide, the CarboCheck is a highly accurate system for the monitoring and control of CO2  in-line.


DensiCheck TX In-line Alcohol Measurement

High accuracy system used to measure density, alcohol and plato. 




Our control and instrumentation solution are widely used by many of the world’s leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies to improve all kinds of processes and delivering key process measurements allowing tighter quality control.


VesselCheck ST2 

Entirely Non-Invasive Chemical Tank Level Measurement


DensiCheck TX

In-line liquid concentration & density transmitter


Our DensiCheck TX in-line liquid concentration system is by far the most accurate and recognised system in the chemical industry.





Canongate’s non-invasive level gauge variant - ST1RH – is installed on >3,000 refrigerant receivers.


VesselCheck ST1-RV

Non-Invasive Level Gauge for Vertical Refrigerant Receivers


VesselCheck ST1-RH

Non-Invasive Level Gauge for Horizontal Refrigerant Receivers




Our non-invasive sensors technology provides robust, safe, reliable and simple to install level gauging solutions across a variety of LPG applications.


VesselCheck ST1AD

Non-invasive Level Gauge for LPG Tanks





Rototherm Canongate is a is a leading supplier of process measurement technology for level, liquid concentration and density and Carbon Dioxide.




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