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EmbraLabs CT4 Mashing Bath


Measurement of extract by IOB, EBC or ASBC procedures.




• Precision control of Standard Methods mashing conditions for preparation of laboratory worts

• Facility to handle up to 25 samples per batch




• PLC control

• Colour graphics with touch display

• Programmable delayed start

• Audible alarm

• Remote servicing available via modem

• Two automatic pre-programmed mashing sequences

• One user programmable sequence




The CT4 Mashing Bath replaces the world-renowned CM1/2/3 Mashing Baths. The apparatus consists of a stainless steel bath supported in a steel framework. An integral pump circulates water through a heater box and the bath. Beakers in the bath are stirred using magnetic followers driven by electric motors beneath the bath. All samples are mashed and cooled together. Distilled water for mashing is heated in a separate stainless

steel tank and dispensed to the beakers by an electric pump.Touch screen user interface


Features / Benefits


• Bath temperature controlled by internal attemporation unit

• Temperature measured and controlled to +/- 0.2o C

• Low level water cut out

• Accurate water dispense (+/- 5 ml ) to all beakers in less than 2 minutes

• Simple touch screen access to volume calibrations

• Real time trending of machine sequence

• Overview screen to monitor all control and I/O operations


The bath is designed to be fully automatic although some of the operations can be done manually. Manual control of the water fill valve, the water drain valve and each motor stirring bank are all possible. Installation of the CT4 is quick and easy. A competent fitter can carry out electrical and mechanical connection.






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