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EmbraLabs GrainStain


Designed to carry out rapid staining tests on seeds, particularly barley and wheat




• Two and four place versions available

• Electronic control of staining fluid temperature

• Independent vacuum gauge and control or each tube

• Integral pump adjustable to 380 mm Hg

• Individual tube drain system

• Audible alarm system


Precision control of temperature, vacuum and time allows staining to be carried out under reproducible and standardised conditions, thereby ensuring optimum staining performance. Powered by mains voltage it can accommodate several samples at once or in overlapping sequence.


The GrainStain is completely self-contained with its own integral vacuum pump. Electrically heated sample tubes, fitted into a corrossion resistant casing are sealed with push fit tops.  An adjustable vacuum relief valve allows evacuation to 380 mm of mercury indicated by a gauge. vacumm to each gauge is controlled by individual 3-way taps via a manifold. The vacuum pump filter bowl and adjustable relief valve are fitted on the outside of the case for ease of maintenance.


Tubes are individually heated and temperature control is by electronic sensor with front of panel set-point adjustamnets up to 60ºC. Each tube can be darined for cleaning and replacement of staining fluid by means of a tap mounted on the outside if the casing. All taps connect with a common drain outlet.


Other Features / Benefits


• Illuminated mains power on/off switch

• Vacuum pump switch plus indicating LED

• Timers adjustable up t 30 minues each with indicating LEDs

• Audible alarm system with push button cancel facility

• Heater indicating LEDs

• Indivdual adjusters for each smaple tube temperature measurement








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