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• Fast, reliable and accurate tank contents measurement

• Not affected by pressure

• Easy installation - no tank break-in, easy to trofit to existing tanks

• No down-time during installation

• No moving parts – little or no maintenance required




• Ultrasound technology proven for over twenty years

• Fits tanks of most shapes and sizes above ground

• Truly non-invasive sensing technique

• Sensors bonded to outside of tank base and side wall

• Optional local display and/or output to higher level system for up to two tanks

• ATEX approved versions for hazardous areas available



Rototherm Canongate is a is a leading supplier of process measurement technology for level, liquid concentration and density and Carbon Dioxide.




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Typical Application

Max Height # Tanks Hazardous Area Approval Display Variant
High accuracy: beer, spirits, acids, solvents, water, LPG spheres 20 2 Optional Optional ST2
Less accurate: LPG spheres, wine 20 4 Optional Optional ST4
Fuel, water, light oils, acids 3 1 No No ST1
LPG, small spirits tanks 3 1 Sensor Only NO ST1(A)
LPG, solvents, acids, fuels, suplhur Dioxide, Chlorine 3 1 Sensor & Processor Yes ST1AD
Refrigerant Gas 2 1 No No ST1(R)
Graphic Colour Operator Interface Terminal & Evaluation Unit for use with VesselCheck systems N/A Up to 32 No - VCHMI