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DensiTx chosen by Optimal Technologies

Optimal Technologies is a specialised supplier of process systems for medical implant and precision optics cleaning, plus a range of machines that apply anti-scratch coating to plastic lenses.


In the processes of manufacturing artificial knee or hip joints, the metalwork is passivized using either citric or nitric acids. 


The DensiTx had been used by Optimal Technologies on previous applications to measure the concentration of nitric acid, a change in manufacturing process seen the use of citric acid, where the concentration could be measured using a capacitance sensor.  The instrument can also be used to measure the density of the coating materials used plastic lenses, which enables the solvent ratios to be controlled.


Further changes in the manufacturing process, saw the need for the use of both nitric and citric acids.  The DensiTx proved to be ideally suited for the application with its dual measurement option.


The DensiTx is supplied as standard with dual measurement. The measurement type is selected by setting the digital input either high / low or using the Modbus serial communications link.


The DensiTx sensing element is manufactured from stainless it is suitable for both nitric and citric acid, unlike the capacitance sensor.  The sensing element can be supplied in various different materials, Hastelloy, Titanium, PDVF and numerous different process connections.






About Optimal Technologies

Optimal Technologies was established in 1997 and specialised in the design and production of innovative cleaning system for precision optics and ophthalmic applications.


Canongate Technology now part of the Rototherm Group


Rototherm Group has acquired the assets and Intellectual property of Canongate Technology the Edinburgh based Level & Density instrumentation and CO2 analyser specialist.


Canongate Technology product range has been using ultrasound in a variety of applications for over 20 years. Its products include CarboCheck, Blend Check, Densi Check and Vessel Check.


Canongate Technology products are used in Beverage, Refigeration, LPG and Pharmaceuticals sectors, and the products are installed throughout the world.


Canongate Technology is a brand of HNL Engineering - part of the Rototherm Group.


Simple Pneumatic System Monitors Ice Cream Levels at Birds Eye Wall’s


When Birds Eye Wall’s required an effective system for monitoring level in an ice cream vessel, the company chose a simple CT Holledge pneumatic level system from Canongate Technology.


The pressure balance system which consists of CT Holledge PB pressure transmitters connected to an HF air flow regulator and remote electronics supplying a 4-20 mA output, was installed at Birds Eye Wall’s in a range of tanks in Gloucester. The system was specified because of its record of long-term stability and Birds Eye Wall’s hoped that it would solve previous difficulties it had encountered when measuring level.


With a wide range of applications in the food industry, the CT Holledge system is capable of sensing process pressures from a few millimetres water gauge to 14 bar using a relatively simple process. The system feeds a constant flow of instrument air into the transmitter. When no process pressure is applied, the air is vented past the transmitter diaphragm to atmosphere. When the process exerts a pressure on the diaphragm the diaphragm distends slightly, reducing the size of the vent, thus restricting the flow and causing a back pressure equivalent to the process pressure to build up in the system. The back pressure is then turned into a milliamp signal directly proportional to the process pressure to give an accurate indication of the vessel contents. The analogue output means that the PB system can be easily integrated with electronic displays, SCADA control and monitoring facilities or PLC's.


Engineers at Birds Eye Wall’s were originally using electronic sensors to monitor level in the vessels at the plant. These tended to "drift" over time due to the extreme temperature cycling of the process. The CT Holledge system underwent lengthy trials at the plant to prove its performance over time. Birds Eye Wall’s engineers found that the system offered simple, accurate and reliable level monitoring over the several months of trials.


Dewar’s Choose DensiCheck


With a firm eye on product quality and consistency, distillers are always looking at ways in which to improve mash tun operations. John Dewar & Sons chose DensiCheck.


Michael Roy, Distilleries Manager, contacted Canongate to explore what options were available to assist in tightening up mash tun control at the Macduff Distillery near Banff in Scotland. Following detailed conversation, Canongate put together a simple package centred on the DensiCheck in-line liquid concentration monitor.


The system installed comprised a DensiCheck System 2000 coupled with a flowmeter. The system is installed on the mash tun and monitors flow rate and gravity of worts on route to the fermentation vessels (known as washbacks). While displaying current wort gravity, the system also displays integrated gravity, hence providing information on the volume and gravity of liquid in the fermentation vessel.


Having been in operation for a number of months now, John Dewar’s have enjoyed trouble-free operation of the equipment. DensiCheck uses ultrasound technology and temperature to monitor wort gravity. With no moving parts the instrument requires very little maintenance and once calibrated requires very little intervention and no re-calibration.


DensiCheck is also used by a number of other distillers within the still house. Monitoring alcohol content on lines feeding the ‘spirit safe’, DensiCheck can provide information allowing users to automate the spirit cut points.





Rototherm Canongate is a is a leading supplier of process measurement technology for level, liquid concentration and density and Carbon Dioxide.




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