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EmbraLabs CT4 Mashing Bath


Measurement of extract by IOB, EBC or ASBC procedures.




• Precision control of Standard Methods mashing conditions for preparation of laboratory worts

• Facility to handle up to 25 samples per batch




• PLC control

• Colour graphics with touch display

• Programmable delayed start

• Audible alarm

• Remote servicing available via modem

• Two automatic pre-programmed mashing sequences

• One user programmable sequence



EmbraLabs GrainStain

Designed to carry out rapid staining tests on seeds, particularly barley and wheat




• Two and four place versions available

• Electronic control of staining fluid temperature

• Independent vacuum gauge and control or each tube

• Integral pump adjustable to 380 mm Hg

• Individual tube drain system

• Audible alarm system


CT Holledge

Pneumatic and electronic level and pressure measurement systems.




• Suitable for hygienic applications

• High accuracy

• Long term proven reliability

• Rugged construction

• Simple installation and set-up

• Standard and bespoke units

• Pneumatic systems for hazardous areas

• Liquid and slurry continuous level measurement

• Continuous pressure monitoring







Rototherm Canongate is a is a leading supplier of process measurement technology for level, liquid concentration and density and Carbon Dioxide.




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