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Refrigeration Industry


VesselCheck ST1-RH


Non-Invasive Level Gauge for Horizontal Refrigerant Receivers


Features & Benefits


   •  Ideal for retrofit - OEM installation also applies

   •  Easy external fitting to receiver - no need to stop plant

   •  No refrigerant handling issues - electrical work only

   •  No refrigerant decanting required - service or replacement

   •  No re calibration, no drift, no moving parts, no leakage sources

   •  Low cost, reliable & accurate tank gauging

   •  Not affected by pressure fluctuations

   •  Easy Installation - no tank break-in

   •  Simple retrofit to existing tanks

   •  Various interface / output options available






Rototherm Canongate is a is a leading supplier of process measurement technology for level, liquid concentration and density and Carbon Dioxide.




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